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Putting the team together

We are in the beginning stages of putting the team together for our trip to Valladolid. We already have several people who have expressed interest. Anyone who has a heart to serve is welcome to join us. There are several people who will be joining us from last years trip and some people who are new to mission trips. Dr. Brown (Tufts) will be bringing two general surgery residents and Dr. Horrowitz ( Cape Fear Valley Medical Center) will also be bringing to residents. Andrew Cowley (CRNA from Minnesota) also has several other CRNAs interested in joining us.

On the non-medical side we have several people interested in serving. Last year we were the first trip post-Covid and the options were limited. We ended up painting houses in some of the local villages. This year there will be more options open to s and we will find a way to use your talents and gifts. I will be speaking with Rick King (Chosen) to start finding out the available project this week.

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